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Trump vs Obama talking about women

Usually when I read these things in politics, I either smirk in disagreement or agree and simply move on, keeping my comments to meself. But on this one, I simply couldn’t resist. And sorry to disappoint you, this post is not about a political view. Instead it is about the ‘women view’. Btw, I’ll tell you something nasty a ‘friend’ of mine said about a new born baby girl, but you gotta read to the end to find out. So, as we were saying, these two men simply shared their views on what they think of women in general. One man thinks of all women as the Delilah-kind, while the other man thinks of women as the Virtous Woman of the Bible.

Lemme explain.

When Adam saw Eve for the first time, he didn’t go ‘Damn girl, you sexy as hell!’. Instead, he said, ‘At last!, this one is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh’. Meaning, this is an original part of me, she is so much a part of me, if she hurts I hurt, if she’s happy I am happy, her progress translates to my progress and speaking good of her translates to speaking good of me. Eve was probably a sexy woman, but we will never know because that was not the focus of her importance. When I read about the virtuous woman (Superman-Spiderman-Captain America-Jarvis all rolled up into one, like seriously!), I noticed there was no mention of how her beauty or sexiness led to the great feats she acomplished. It was all brains-hard work-empathy-loyalty. A great man will always see all women in this light; encourage his daughters and sisters to be nothing but these and ensure to create opportunities for the women in his life to be all these. Plus  more.You tell your daughters they are only good for their bodies, they will grow up believing it and go into university not seeing the need to study hard when they can use their bodies to get what they need. You tell a girl she is smart, she will put her energies into getting smarter. Plus, so long as we think girls are not worth much, our society will not open up opportunities for their growth. After all, what’s the point? Now, you see why girls, from the beginning of time, have always being behind on the priority of education.

An old friend of  mine announced to me once that one of his friends just had a baby girl. He followed the announcement with ‘another prostitute has been added to this world’. It shames me now that I called someone who thinks so poorly of women in general my friend. Unfortunately, such poor thinking and stunted worldview is the more popular view. So ask youself, how do you think of women? And more importantly, as a woman, how do you think of yourself? Are you more important for the size of your boobs or the size of your brains? It is the part you think is more important that you work on, and that is the part that grows bigger.

So I leave you folks with this video curtesy ‘Youbetube’ (like my adorable 4-year old nephew calls it)

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2:2 Like a lily among thorns, so is my love among daughters…

I was watching E! news the other day about Kylie Jenner posting a picture of herself wearing a bikini on IG. And the report was that she was getting lots of negative feedback especially about her parents allowing it. Walla-hi, even I had to admit she looked super sexy, didn’t look her 17 years of age arrall. But I got to thinking, due to this negative feedback, will she stop posting naked pictures of herself on social media? Fink to the no! Simply because her most famous sister has been climbing the ladder of social success steadily and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down by doing exactly that. Porn movies, naked pictures on magazine covers, lack of respect and devotion for the sacred institution of marriage etc. She was crucified a lot yet she continued to gain followers, so nah, I don’t think baby sis will be fazed by the negative feedback.

I look around and I see how much younger folks are threading this paths. 10 years ago, you didn’t dare wear low-cut tops outside your homes else yo momma will lay you flat on your chest and wire you 25 sharp sharp. But these days, kids put naked pictures of themselves on social media just to get a smidgen of attention. The devil has infiltrated the world with so much deception which I think is one of his most important arsenal in this end times. A lot of wolves are lurking in every corner we turn garbed in sheep’s clothing. And since the ‘appearance’ satisfies our senses, we are warmly welcoming.

Depravity is coated in being sexy, stealing and cheating are  coated in wealth and we chose role models that do not hide their lack of respect for women just because they have gained riches and popularity. We are not so quick to defend the richness of our culture, respect for elders, decent clothing, gentleness with women-folk etc because after all this is the 21st century and we have to ‘follow’ the trend. We deny family just because he or she isn’t cool enough and respect for the opinions of elders is now under-rated.

That lily among thorns is a delicate flower of beauty determined to bud amongst the evil and pain. It might seem impossible but I daresay it is a definite possibility. I think about people like  Antoinette, Joan of arc and they make me believe more and more that lilies can survive among thorns. We really don’t have to satisfy what society dictates just to ‘feel among’. There is beauty in standing out. There is beauty in respecting your body. Stand up for what you believe in and if there is a mis-representation of what you believe in, speak up and defend it. What I know is what we do now or what we don’t do, the fights we don’t win or wars we refuse to wage…we pass on to those adorable toddlers and infants to battle with when they get to this age. What hope are we passing on to them? Who will be their Mandela? I think it’s time we start defending what is right, what’s decent, what’s of good virtue, what’s going to stand the test of fire on the last day…even if it’s not going to earn us popularity.

I might not get a lot of support for this position but will I defend it to the very end? Oh yea!