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Silent Scream

Silent Scream.

This is a really long post by an amazing writer, it is worth re-blogging so please read all the way to the end. It just doesn’t speak for women but also for men. Thank you wonderful people!

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The futility of pleasure

I think the book of Ecclesiastes is prrreeeeettty depressing, no? Really, how could a guy think having loads of money is pointless, or being surrounded by beautiful women 😱

  *Sheldon Cooper voice* “everything ends with death anyways so no point making effort over anything” If this man that practically had every pleasure this life has to offer,  declares everything pointless, I think that’s the definition of hopeless. Pretty depressing eh? 😭
  Then it hit me. The problem was too much knowledge. Okay, lemme break it down *assuming the Ghandi pose* We are not supposed to know it all or figure it all out right away. We are constitutionally designed to trust God for every day of our journey. When we try hard to fix everything, we worsen things. Some of the things we try to sort out or the problems we try to solve ain’t supposed to be our headaches. But we are so consumed with perfection that we forget how to be innocent and live to enjoy this life.

Life is a gift. Childlike innocence will enable us enjoy this earth more than experience and knowledge would. The less we know, the better. The less we know, the more we are able to trust God absolutely. ‘I am leaving you with a gift– peace of mind and heart. Not as the world giveth’ John 14:27. Trying to get on top of every situation isn’t the solution, but trusting that no matter what happens, tomorrow will be a better day. So instead of worrying about this future, why not relax and enjoy the present? That’s why it’s called ‘present’ cos it’s a gift.

Jesus is taking care of us, He knows our deepest worries and fears. And He absolutely want us to let go and let Him sort it out. I imagine God saying ‘that boss is bugging u?! Don’t worry sweetheart, my goons will take care of him’ 💪


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There is this janitor at the library who hums really loud as he goes about his chores. He doesn’t sing per se, just hums. No lyrics or words, just a bunch of ooooohhh-uuuuhhhhhhhhoooooo-oooouuuuuuu. Very loud. Doing this anywhere else but the library will mostly go unnoticed. Asides the loud humming and the occasional swatting at imaginary flies around his ears, everything seems perfect with this dude. And he looks cute too. You know that short cute guy? Yea, that one. Today, while minding my own business in the library like everyone else was doing, I heard the humming from a distance getting closer and closer. Without looking up, I knew it was him and I found myself smiling and looking up. That was just the third time I was going to be seeing him but seeing that familiar face and hearing the weird, loud humming actually brightened my day. For reasons I honestly do not understand.
This guy, due to his mental state, might never be more than a janitor all his life and probably will never win laureates. In the opinion of the general. A Canadian Supreme Court  recently passed into law doctor-assisted suicide for disabled people. Any sick, disabled person that feels like ending it can legally ask to have it done. Like a simple lumpectomy. Just like that, life is over for that person. I think about this cute, strange hummer and him deciding to end it all one day. There will be no need to check his state of mind or the conditions triggering the decision. He says ‘I wanna end my life’ and the answer will be ‘Yea, sure. When?’.
Now I wonder, is euthanasia really in the best interest of everyone or just the people that are uncomfortable with the extra work of taking care of the disabled person? Is the person that is disabled complaining of the life, albeit, not quality as non-disabled people see it? That the majority think a person’s life is not worth living, does not mean the person in question thinks it isn’t. Passing into law the doctor-assisted suicide was declared ‘victory for all Canadians’ by an individual. And I wonder, is it really victory for ‘all’? A number of situations and events make people (healthy and unhealthy) wish to end their lives. This law will make it easier to succumb than to actually seek help. As someone who could have easily been a wheelchair all my life, I shudder to think someone, not just someone now; but the society,  will prefer to have me dead rather than fight for my life.

The simple truth is anyone can fall into the category of the disabled anytime. All it takes is a road traffic accident, spinal injury, high blood pressure that is not taken care of, getting into a bar fight or going to war to defend your family. So, when we discriminate against people we consider beneath us in physical appearance, abilities, race, gender or mental capacities, let’s think again. Anyone can fall into that category without warning. It will be better to ensure to create an environment that is home for everyone regardless of beauty or perceived abilities. To judge people based on what we believe they can contribute or see them as negative investments is just brutal. FYI, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were believed to have had autism, imagine if we had killed them. And Will Smith, Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Tom Cruise, Cher, George Washington, Graham Bell, Franklin Roosevelt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Keira Knightly all had disabilities. But we don’t want to kill them right, neither do we want them dead. We wanna marry them. Why then are we giving up on these people before we even give them a chance?
This hummer might be, to us, a disturbance, an aberration, a thorn in the social flesh. But to some people, he is an adorable son, a loving brother, an amazing friend and possibly a dependable father. And in another 10 years, he might prove the 4th law of motion. Just saying.

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Raising children is a lot of work and worse, they are never perfect.

As they grow up, don’t remind them of their imperfections,

the world will do that.

Be the one that looks upon them with kindness in your eyes and warmth in your embrace.

Cradle to college and beyond, they will always be your little ones.

Be the constant


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The Makings Of a Legend

Hi amazing people, happy new month! I think January went by pretty fast…or is that just me?

It is easy to forget the amazing things we penned down for 2015. Start that business…join a gym…start counting calories…show at least one act of kindness each day…be a better husband…start painting…apply for that degree…And now that January has passed, did you start on any of those things? Maybe you didn’t even pen anything down, maybe you just made some mental decisions. Maybe you even started with the whole fervor of the beginnings of a brand new year. But now, the tempo is slowly winding down.Either way, January has come and gone.

But, hey *clap! clap!*, let’s get a move on. Before we know it, we will be making another wish for a white Christmas and we will wonder where all the time went. We didn’t do our awesome and the year is over. Step out of that comfort zone and start something awesome. You were able to comprehend it in your head and heart, it means you can achieve it. Like Wole Soyinka’s mum told him ‘itirai ni gbo gbo nkan’ (Trying is everything). If you don’t try, you can’t make that winning shot. And always remember, when things get rough, seek help from The Most High.

So start right now, February is not too late to start. And if you have started, don’t slow down. See everything through. *You are not just responsible for an idea, you are responsible for its birth and growth*. Make legend happen.

We only regret the chances we didn’t take