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His huge, fat nose in my teeny-tiny biz

I got on the bus heading home and brought out my phone to check my messages like a bonafide cell phone junkie. It was a very short ride, the bus was packed full and I definitely could have waited till I got home but the withdrawal symptoms no gree me, I was almost physically scratching. *sighs* I checked my bbm and there was a message (my itch is getting scratched, yay!). It was a very short message (not so ‘yay!’ anymore) but from my boyfriend. He said ‘Have a great day babe’.
Now the dude beside me was peering into my phone (like he took me to the store, asked me to point to the phone I wanted and when I chose the phone, he bought it, bought the case, screen guard and loaded 100k credit on it).
  As if peering into my phone was not disgraceful enough, he decided to open his mouth.
Him: ‘Is that your boyfriend?’
Me: *silence*
I would think anyone would be very afraid to get caught looking into a stranger’s phone. To think this one was so blatant scared me a little. “Wonder where he got his confidence from”, I said to myself.
Now my boyfriend has his dad’s picture as his display picture, his birthday was 2 days ago but some people just don’t have the change-DP-regularly fever. I am fully persuaded that that picture will be there till the another birthday he can’t ignore comes up.
  **And I digress…back to the matter**
So I am guessing this gbeborun looked at my message, saw the picture of the sender and decided to put his nose where blended dried pepper abounds.
When he realized no answer was forthcoming, he decided to pester me some more.
Him: So you are dating an elderly man?
Egbami! See me see wahala. Like who died and made him boyfriend police? I don’t understand why people like to beg for correct wozzing.
Me: (Not lifting up my head from my phone) “How does that improve your credit score or is it pinching you in your brains?”
I have a feeling he wanted to whack me upside the head but thought better of it. Well, what do u know, we are at my stop. Got off the bus leaving him to ponder on the wisdom of poking one’s nose in other people’s businesses, especially complete strangers. That is if he is not busy pondering why I refused to say “Sorry  sir, forgive me for dating who I want to date, please can you recommend yourself?”
I realized later when I thought about it that people will always try to meddle in your life. Some will even go further by forcing their opinions of how to live your life down your throat.
You are driving too fast/You are driving too slow.
You should be submissive to your husband/ You should stand up for yourself and not take crap from any man.
You should shave you armpits/ You should grow out you armpit hair and dye is bright purple.
Your make up is too much/ “Eeessh, did someone die? What’s with the bare face?”
Our world is filled with people that seem to know more about our lives than we know it. During a football game you will see people analyze how they will do better than the players or the coach even though they can’t put a ball in a net to save their lives. So what if I decided to date my daddy’s mate? Maybe I have found that mature wine tastes better and I have decided to stick with that. It is my choice and it is none of anybody’s business even if it hurts their sense of whatever. Don’t be bullied into living someone else’s life or running another person’s race. Find you, own it and rock it. We all can’t be the same shape, size or color, otherwise there will be no variety and excitement to life.
And those whom He thus foreordained, He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified (acquitted, made righteous, putting them into right standing with Himself). And those whom He justified, He also glorified (raising them to a heavenly dignity and condition or state of being). Rom 8:29 AMP.
The way God made us is the perfect way we can be. He is the only one who gets to complain about how we live. And He does that in complete love, no judgements. If anyone has complaints about you life, tell them to bugger off!
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Hey beautiful people! So what do you think of this? Did I do this all wrong?

I had this date, super-cool dude, so I really wanted to be on top of my game. I had to look really good, super hot, take-no-prisoners kinda thing. Anyways, it was was a lunch date so I knew there was no point doing up my lips, I’ll eat all the lip-whatever with the lunch anyway so I decided to put the focus on my eyes. So, there I went, minimal lip gloss but the eyes ehn, I went all out. Like I went berserk making up my eyes, it simply must pop. The guy must find it….mesmerizing (yep, that’s the word) and that was my goal, on an Aishwarya level. you gerrit? So, Google to the rescue and the results I got were unbelievable, more like unachievable. Getting those mesmerizing eyes no be moin moin at all. But with this date, I decided nothing will be impossible.

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A girl will do what a girl’s gotta do right. So, I took my time, made sure I had the right tools and got my cat-eyes well and properly bedazzled. Mission Impossible accomplished. And off for my date I went.

And I settled in to enjoy what was supposed to be the best lunch of my life. My date was in-the-zone big time so all was going really smooth. And then, the enemy struck. I got this particle in my eye. I tried blinking it away a couple of times but it simply refused to budge. My eyes watered briefly yet the thing did not flow away. The only other option was to scratch at the eye and hope that works. That will mean tampering with my perfect rainbow. Ooookay, this one appears to be big time enemy action, all those winches that do not want me to accomplish my mission for this date *thinking furiously* eeeeerrrrrrmmmmmmm, smear all this mesmerization????? Lai lai, not gonna happen. Not here, not now and definitely not on this day. I made that decision within a nanosecond. And since scratching was off the table, my only choice was to keep blinking and hope the winches get tired and stroll away.

So, I blinked through my lunch like an original baby onike (barbie doll). My date asked a number of times ‘Are you okay?” And my answer would always be ‘Oh yea, I’m just great!” with the brightest smile my Father in heaven endowed me with. I am not going to go into the details of what happened after lunch, just know it was a Guts-Glory-Ram kind of situation. Needless to say, at the end of the day, I transformed to this


There you have it. So, do you think it was worth it? Did it even make sense at all?