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I came upon this post on about this model who ‘shares a multitasking photo’.

Does this look like a multitasking mom to you?

Real multitasking as a mom:

I had a screaming baby, who wouldn’t let me put her down. I tried rocking her while attempting to prep a meal for her at the same time. I needed to warm some water to prep her meal but she wouldn’t let me put her down. So I had to strike a match to light the gas stove while still trying to soothe her. With one limb rocking the baby screaming diligently in my ears, the other limb was busy putting water in a pan and carefully putting it on the cooker. Those few moments were one of the scariest of my life, I was literally playing with fire. I mean that literally.While waiting for water to get warm, I got out her bottle, and with the one limb, removed the bottle cover, opened the can of milk, scooped some into the bottle, got the warm water from the stove, carefully poured into the bottle, returned the pan to the cooker, put the bottle cover back on, proceeded to shake up the mixture to the right consistency, ensured the temperature was just right for the relentlessly screaming child and then gave her the bottle. I didn’t sit down to give her the bottle because I had to keep rocking her gently as she fed. Had to ignore the burning pain in the limb that had been holding the baby until she was fed and calm. Once all was well in this baby’s world, she decided to be merciful to me and allowed me to put her down so I can attend to me.

So when I see a picture of a mom sitting down to have her hair done while she breastfeeds her child and I am told that’s what multitasking is, I feel the need to come out of my hiatus and stomp around a bit. This is the attitude some celebrities, no, privileged ones, put on to belittle genuinely struggling moms. And I honestly think they need to stop it right now!

Not like they will listen to me *scowling*

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