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What can we do when we feel powerless?

“I wonder what I will wear tomorrow…”

That’s my most immediate worry. It is as mundane as that.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the folks in Aleppo also had the luxury of such mundane worries. But now, it doesn’t really matter what they will wear tomorrow.

Because there is no assurance they will be alive to see sunrise tomorrow.

Humanity id dying off gradually. And we sit in our warm homes; around our loving families, worrying about whether it will snow on Christmas day.

Or what shoes to wear to the club.


The Bab al-Nasr district of Aleppo's Old City was once renowned for its bustling souks, grand citadel and historic gates. Aleppo's Old City has been rendered virtually unrecognisable by some of the worst violence of Syria's war. Picture: AFP/George Ourafalian.

I honestly don’t care how this civil war started. And I don’t care how they must have asked for it. All I know is that no one, no human, should have to suffer like this. There are some people that have the power to make policies that will change the lives of these people. There are also some people who have the financial power to give humanitarian aid to them. But for us that have neither political nor financial power, what can we do?

We don’t have to grit our teeth in frustration. We can pray.

 “And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him.” 1 John 1: 14 NLT.

I know it pleases God that people live in peace; and I know it pleases God that humanity stops with the genocide.

So for us powerless ones, let’s turn to God in prayer. Please, pray for Aleppo everyday. Be moved in your heart to desire a change.

Photo credit: AFP/George Ourafalian.