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Hey beautiful people! So what do you think of this? Did I do this all wrong?

I had this date, super-cool dude, so I really wanted to be on top of my game. I had to look really good, super hot, take-no-prisoners kinda thing. Anyways, it was was a lunch date so I knew there was no point doing up my lips, I’ll eat all the lip-whatever with the lunch anyway so I decided to put the focus on my eyes. So, there I went, minimal lip gloss but the eyes ehn, I went all out. Like I went berserk making up my eyes, it simply must pop. The guy must find it….mesmerizing (yep, that’s the word) and that was my goal, on an Aishwarya level. you gerrit? So, Google to the rescue and the results I got were unbelievable, more like unachievable. Getting those mesmerizing eyes no be moin moin at all. But with this date, I decided nothing will be impossible.

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A girl will do what a girl’s gotta do right. So, I took my time, made sure I had the right tools and got my cat-eyes well and properly bedazzled. Mission Impossible accomplished. And off for my date I went.

And I settled in to enjoy what was supposed to be the best lunch of my life. My date was in-the-zone big time so all was going really smooth. And then, the enemy struck. I got this particle in my eye. I tried blinking it away a couple of times but it simply refused to budge. My eyes watered briefly yet the thing did not flow away. The only other option was to scratch at the eye and hope that works. That will mean tampering with my perfect rainbow. Ooookay, this one appears to be big time enemy action, all those winches that do not want me to accomplish my mission for this date *thinking furiously* eeeeerrrrrrmmmmmmm, smear all this mesmerization????? Lai lai, not gonna happen. Not here, not now and definitely not on this day. I made that decision within a nanosecond. And since scratching was off the table, my only choice was to keep blinking and hope the winches get tired and stroll away.

So, I blinked through my lunch like an original baby onike (barbie doll). My date asked a number of times ‘Are you okay?” And my answer would always be ‘Oh yea, I’m just great!” with the brightest smile my Father in heaven endowed me with. I am not going to go into the details of what happened after lunch, just know it was a Guts-Glory-Ram kind of situation. Needless to say, at the end of the day, I transformed to this


There you have it. So, do you think it was worth it? Did it even make sense at all?

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The Makings Of a Legend

Hi amazing people, happy new month! I think January went by pretty fast…or is that just me?

It is easy to forget the amazing things we penned down for 2015. Start that business…join a gym…start counting calories…show at least one act of kindness each day…be a better husband…start painting…apply for that degree…And now that January has passed, did you start on any of those things? Maybe you didn’t even pen anything down, maybe you just made some mental decisions. Maybe you even started with the whole fervor of the beginnings of a brand new year. But now, the tempo is slowly winding down.Either way, January has come and gone.

But, hey *clap! clap!*, let’s get a move on. Before we know it, we will be making another wish for a white Christmas and we will wonder where all the time went. We didn’t do our awesome and the year is over. Step out of that comfort zone and start something awesome. You were able to comprehend it in your head and heart, it means you can achieve it. Like Wole Soyinka’s mum told him ‘itirai ni gbo gbo nkan’ (Trying is everything). If you don’t try, you can’t make that winning shot. And always remember, when things get rough, seek help from The Most High.

So start right now, February is not too late to start. And if you have started, don’t slow down. See everything through. *You are not just responsible for an idea, you are responsible for its birth and growth*. Make legend happen.

We only regret the chances we didn’t take