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I saw my nephew four days ago and on seeing me, he ran to hug me and refused to let go. Needless to say, he held on for about 10 minutes. Just didn’t let go. That felt sooooo good. Few minutes later, he said,

‘Mommy, you are a good girl’. (He calls me mommy) Swell huh?! *grinning* Maybe I’m not so bad after all.

A while later, I found a way to sit down and balance him on my laps. He still held on to my neck. Then he said,

‘Mommy, your hair is beautiful’ Oookay, the do on my head was about 3 weeks old. But hearing that made me feel like I got a halo round my head *huge, huge grin now* That felt good or what! And I hadn’t even showed him what I brought for him. Talk about tunneling a way to someone’s heart.

Four days later, I’m still tingling from this words of this 3 year old, with a warm glow round my heart. Of course, if this boy asked anything of me, I’ll happily hand it over. And if I can’t I’ll move mountains to get it for him. Not really because of what he said but the way he said it, the lasting hug and with the genuineness of his words. I didn’t give him anything, yet he gave me all that. So, I got to thinking about how happy God must feel each time we thank Him.And I thought of David. Ofcourse we all know David was skillful in playing musical instruments and writing songs. And he deeply loved God so he channeled his skills to making God happy. I remember that time he danced for God and his wife Micah had to comment on how un-cool his dancing was. Really, the dance would have been not cool considering that it was recorded that he danced with all his might! Imagine a king, battle-strong, conqueror, ladies-man, loved and respected by valiant men…dancing on the streets with all his might because he was dancing for his God. And the picture I have in my head is one of the king flailing his arms, kicking his legs, twisting his hips in all directions, bending, twisting back upwards, moving his head in all possible and impossible angles…not caring whether he was dancing on-key or off-key to the music. So, long as he did it to his God.

I’m guessing that at the end of the day, it’s not so much that he danced with all his might, it’s the honour he accorded God that despite his societal position and power, he forgot all that and just went ahead to make His King happy. And I believe that’s why David got God’s undivided attention all through his life. And beyond.

A lot gets easier when we lead with praise. It was recorded that the walls of Jericho were so thick that 6 cars could be lined on its breadth. I mean, check it, Rahab built her house on the wall! Isrealites could not have hammered their way in, yea. Yet, the wall gave way when they lead with praise. It’s almost unbelievable what we can achieve in our world and our lives when we lead with praise. There’s almost no one that doesn’t respond to compliments. Almost no one. No matter the age. Tell a one year old she’s beautiful and she’d immediately warm up to you. Same goes for elderly women (Trust me on that).

At the end of the day, I believe it genuinely help helps to make gratitude part of our attitude. Doing it without needing to think about all we have been blessed with. Doing it despite the fact that our lives truly suck. The impossible happens when thanksgiving is a part of our nature. David proved it.

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I never get tired of saying this and no matter how many times I hear it, it still never falls under the category of cliché.

Never pass up an opportunity to put a smile on a face. No matter how beautiful the face is, there is always room for that smile effect. And the best part it, the smile goes beyond the face, it radiates to the heart where it gets rooted and blossoms. The world has changed the smile of so many faces, a lot of innocents seem to have on this up-side-down plastic smile. We gotta fight back.

This is hoping some random individual puts a smile on my face today and this is hoping I am blessed with the opportunity to make a stranger a happier person today.