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God must be fed up with me

Sometimes I am truly amazed at the patience with which God deals with us. We ask for something, He delivers and we immediately start complaining, finding faults with the gift.

Me: I just want those trendy shoes but they are soooooo expensive. If only I can get some extra cash and buy those shoes, I’ll be the happiest girl on earth.

*God delivers*

Me: Holy God! These shoes are demonic! my ankles are dead, my hips are shaky, I’m going to be nursing sore calves for the next 3 days, why did you give me these shoes? Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!!!  Image result for prada shoes images

Me: I need an amazing job, that will pay so well that I’d be able to buy a house on the beach, God please just give me this job and I will serve you forever!

*God delivers*

Me: Oh God, this job is killing me, my boss is a devil incarnate who never sleeps and doesn’t expect me to, never gives me breaks and expect me to work 25 hours everyday. Why am I the one who has to do this stupid job?

Me: God I just want kids, if I have at least 6 children I won’t ask you for anything else again in my life.

Me: Oh Lord, I can’t keep up with these kids. I want them grown and outta my house!

My personal favorite.

Me: God I just want to be married, just give me a husband. I will be the best wife anyone has ever seen and I will serve you forever.

*2 years post wedding*

Me: But God, I was minding my own business when you brought this man my way o. Couldn’t you have given me a husband like that girl’s own? Instead I’m stuck with this lazy, stingy husband who can’t cook and won’t help with the kids.

It’s common saying that we humans can never be satisfied. But for once, let’s put ourselves in the giver’s shoes. What if we were God? Ask yourself a personal question, do you think God must be fed up with you?