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There is this thing I got curious about. Why do we post our conversations with God on social media? Isn’t it supposed to be a private conversation between God and the individual?

So I said this very short prayer. It rhymed. And I thought, “that was quite delicious.”

Next steps – post it on Facebook.

But wait, shouldn’t that remain a prayer? A conversation between my God and I? If I post it on Facebook, is it still a prayer, or just another poem? By making public what should be private, just to get some nods from strangers, I think I will change the course of that prayer from Heaven and direct it to Earthlings. I believe my prayer will lose its potency as soon as I do that. Are the ‘likes’ I’m gonna get worth it?

I think by doing that, I have engaged in self-sabotage.

Each time I tell myself I will read that article tomorrow and chose to watch Big Bang Theory instead, I am engaging in self-sabotage.

Every time I convince myself I should eat that muffin even though I am not hungry and I’m going straight to bed, I am engaging in self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is the worst because the evil we do to ourselves doesn’t feel so evil-ish because we are the ones doing the evil, not that  next door neighbour that envies our new ride.

Photo credit: The Huffington Post