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Is Heaven a paradox?

I heard someone say the other day that Heaven is a paradox. Essentially, the person said that there will be so much joy and happiness in Heaven that people will get bored and there will be no more happiness.

I was instantly weak.

And I got to thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think Heaven is a paradox, so that wasn’t what I decided to ponder upon. What I got to thinking about was how we came to think this way in this generation. What happened to us?

We are in the era of social media; free and affordable speech. There was a time, to get a word out to the public, you are either a gentleman of the press, a politician or a professor. Now, any Tom, Dick or Harriette with a smart phone can get word out to the public. And that is the scare. We get all sorts of contrasting information thrown at us daily. Today, we are told wheat is good for us, tomorrow we are told it is terrible for our skin tone. There is so much hate, so much negativity, so much division now, all because of free, affordable speech.

Anyone can say any stupid thing and be believed. What makes the difference is the presentation of the stupidity. And let’s not kid ourselves, there are talented people out there, with amazing presentation skills; world class delivery. They will have you eating out of their palms before you can say ‘hello’.

Whether we like it or not, words are POWERFUL. What we hear influences us, determines our decisions and choices. It is therefore key, that we consume the right words, the right information. We will keep getting bombarded with all sorts of crap in the media. How then do we filter out our truths?

In this era, in order to stay safe from the bombardment of crappy information, let’s develop a sieve. Social media will not provide that sieve, popular culture will not provide that sieve and, believe it or not, society will not provide the sieve. Each of us will need to develop a system of sieving out the weeds.

So, I finish with this. Ask yourself, is Heaven a paradox? Why won’t anyone want to be happy forever? Imagine a world without ISIS, a world without hunger, without dying children…imagine a world without cancer. Who wouldn’t want that to last forever?

Thanks for reading to the end folks!

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Time is whopping my ‘you know what’

As I headed home today, I saaaavooouuuured the idea that I was done for the day. No more go-go-go. I can now relax and be irresponsible. Just as I was really settling into my happy thoughts, time decided to give me a whack on the head. Yea, I am sure that wasn’t what you thought the ‘you know what’ referred to. Anyways, back to time doing me a number. I realized today is gone.

No more Monday, 14th November 2016.

This Monday with its super-moon is gone. Forever.

What did I achieve today? Whose life did I impact today? What steps did I take to move me closer to my goals, my dreams? How much richer am I by what I did today? Am I both older and wiser or just older, not wiser? Will anyone remember me for good after today?

If I leave this world today, will I be missed?

Time is everything and time is nothing. It can be nothing for you and it can be everything for you.

The level of respect you have for time can make or break you. You’ve got 24 hours in this day, I’ve got 24 hours in this day, Beyonce also got 24 hours in this day.

I end this with a quote by Obafemi Awolowo – “Those who desire to reach, and keep their places at the top in any calling must be prepared to do so the hard way.”

Thanks for reading to the end!


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I came upon this post on about this model who ‘shares a multitasking photo’.

Does this look like a multitasking mom to you?

Real multitasking as a mom:

I had a screaming baby, who wouldn’t let me put her down. I tried rocking her while attempting to prep a meal for her at the same time. I needed to warm some water to prep her meal but she wouldn’t let me put her down. So I had to strike a match to light the gas stove while still trying to soothe her. With one limb rocking the baby screaming diligently in my ears, the other limb was busy putting water in a pan and carefully putting it on the cooker. Those few moments were one of the scariest of my life, I was literally playing with fire. I mean that literally.While waiting for water to get warm, I got out her bottle, and with the one limb, removed the bottle cover, opened the can of milk, scooped some into the bottle, got the warm water from the stove, carefully poured into the bottle, returned the pan to the cooker, put the bottle cover back on, proceeded to shake up the mixture to the right consistency, ensured the temperature was just right for the relentlessly screaming child and then gave her the bottle. I didn’t sit down to give her the bottle because I had to keep rocking her gently as she fed. Had to ignore the burning pain in the limb that had been holding the baby until she was fed and calm. Once all was well in this baby’s world, she decided to be merciful to me and allowed me to put her down so I can attend to me.

So when I see a picture of a mom sitting down to have her hair done while she breastfeeds her child and I am told that’s what multitasking is, I feel the need to come out of my hiatus and stomp around a bit. This is the attitude some celebrities, no, privileged ones, put on to belittle genuinely struggling moms. And I honestly think they need to stop it right now!

Not like they will listen to me *scowling*

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Fabulous o’clock

In recent times, everything has just been bleak, bleak, bleak. No joy.

And I thought it was just me.

A friend of mine (God-lover, married, has a job and a really good car) who was moving to her spanking new apartment, let slip the other day that she feels like her life has not started and that just depresses her.


In my head, I was like, for real? You are all put together, better than me. How can you feel the exact things I feel. Like she had no right to feel that way.

Fastforward to another conversation earlier today.
She has also been feeling out of sorts, really unmotivated and worried about the future. FYI, she is getting a condo with her fiance and she’s a bride-to-be. But she is worried about getting a good job after our Master’s program. She thought I wouldn’t have that problem, cos ‘I have options’. I don’t know where she got that idea from *scowling*.
She was gonna go on but I stopped her. I told her I am equally worried about my future, there are so many uncertainties, so many unknowns. And  clarified to her that she is not alone, a lot of us are walking around scared of the future. And we are right to feel that way, after all, we are not witches-we really don’t know what the future holds. What with tomatoes going for 4/N500, bag of rice going for N18k and Trump clinching all the delegates he needs for nomination. #thehorror
So, I have decided. Enough is enough. No more slinking around wondering if I’m gona be okay. So what if I’m not okay? That is nothing new. Whatever comes around to make me not okay, I will kick its ass like I kicked some ass in 2007 and in 2009 and in 2013.

But for now, I am going to just go to bed and sleep. God has told me to freaking hold my peace and that’s my current mission. After all, He is fighting for me.

So, here is me off to being fabulous.

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So, we had free reading week at school a couple of weeks ago. It was supposed to be a week of sleeping, no rushing out every morning and hitting the bed at night like a sack of potatoes, a week of general lounging and catching up on movies and shows I had missed. Asides fun stuff, I also planned on catching up on a couple of papers I am running behind schedule on. I had sufficient time to do all these cos, you see, I had no other responsibility so it shoulda been a breeze. But alas…it appears some things are easier said than done, some things are said and never done. And at the end of reading week as I headed back home, the realization dawned on me – I had simply refused to be productive. The first couple of days, I kept pushing the papers to the next day. And towards the end of the week, my body was just so lazy that I didn’t care anymore. At each moment when I was in the actual act of procrastination, I considered binding and losing the spirits of laziness, even that, I was too lazy to do. I think the clinical name will be ‘Sloth’ to be sincere.


lazy lazy dog dog dogs eating

In other news, there is this verse of the Bible that I hear aaaaa lot but never understood. “Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. Psalm 90:12. I have heard that verse for as long as I can remember especially at those birthday parties I am forced to attend. Even with the explanations provided at those parties, I remained obtuse. Until now.

I came across a different version in the Bible one of my rockstar sisters gave me.This Bible is  super amazing. In that Bible, the version of that verse reads “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom” NLT. Gbam!

And it came to me. The mistake I made with my reading week. The thing is, in all fairness, as human beings, we do not understand the concept of time, hence the ‘teach us…’ part. We can’t hold on to time, make it pause for a bit or even slow it down. Time flies, our days go by swiftly and it is only those paying close attention that will realise how brief or short our lives are. Here today, gone tomorrow. February has come to an end, were you able to achieve all your plans for the month? Or did you procrastinate and pushed things into the next day like I did? My reading week taught me something important – our days are short. That is why we need to understand brevity of life so that we can be wiser in how we spend time. This requires a concious decision to value and respect time. Sleep less, focus more on your vision/ministry/projects/plans etc., pray more, start giving now (don’t wait until you are a billionnaire), start showing more love now, eat more veggies now, call your parents more now, impact your generation now, TY-Bello someone now…the list is endless.

The bottom line is we need to show more respect for time, ‘…so that we may apply our hearts to wisdom’.

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2016 is finally here!

For all of us that kept pushing stuff into 2016, well its here!


Had an awesome blog-run in the 2015, not for the posts I published but for the friends I made and the sisters I inherited. So a toast to the beautiful minds that gave me an amazing 2015 in the blogosphere – the deliciously cray-cray Toinlicious , very yummy Lifetitudes, inspirational mummy-cious Temitopebj and of course darling Quirky. You guys have challenged, motivated and inspired me, no matter what y’all do, don’t ever stop blogging. Else…don’t try to find out.

For my Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award nominations …I’m sorry I haven’t gotten round to them. I happen to be battling the spirit of laziness at this time, but no worries, I have fierce, fire-spitting, sword-wielding angels on my side and the battle is almost over. It shall be done, I promise.

2015 was super amazing and the best part was the perfect finish – spending the holidays with family. Children are the best, you would agree right? The day before I was to leave, I had this conversation with my 3-year old nephew.

Me: “I am leaving tomorrow, gonna miss you.”

Him: *In his rich ‘Barry Manilow’ voice* “Okay.” Very unintrested.

…ooookay, that wasn’t a let-down. But wait, does he get what I’m trying to tell him? So I pulled him back and asked,

“Do you know where I am going?”

Trying to escape from my grasp, he responded with a ‘you must be funny’ expression on his face, “You are going upstairs.”

Happy 2016 amazing people, let’s do awesome one more time!