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Trump vs Obama talking about women

Usually when I read these things in politics, I either smirk in disagreement or agree and simply move on, keeping my comments to meself. But on this one, I simply couldn’t resist. And sorry to disappoint you, this post is not about a political view. Instead it is about the ‘women view’. Btw, I’ll tell you something nasty a ‘friend’ of mine said about a new born baby girl, but you gotta read to the end to find out. So, as we were saying, these two men simply shared their views on what they think of women in general. One man thinks of all women as the Delilah-kind, while the other man thinks of women as the Virtous Woman of the Bible.

Lemme explain.

When Adam saw Eve for the first time, he didn’t go ‘Damn girl, you sexy as hell!’. Instead, he said, ‘At last!, this one is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh’. Meaning, this is an original part of me, she is so much a part of me, if she hurts I hurt, if she’s happy I am happy, her progress translates to my progress and speaking good of her translates to speaking good of me. Eve was probably a sexy woman, but we will never know because that was not the focus of her importance. When I read about the virtuous woman (Superman-Spiderman-Captain America-Jarvis all rolled up into one, like seriously!), I noticed there was no mention of how her beauty or sexiness led to the great feats she acomplished. It was all brains-hard work-empathy-loyalty. A great man will always see all women in this light; encourage his daughters and sisters to be nothing but these and ensure to create opportunities for the women in his life to be all these. Plus  more.You tell your daughters they are only good for their bodies, they will grow up believing it and go into university not seeing the need to study hard when they can use their bodies to get what they need. You tell a girl she is smart, she will put her energies into getting smarter. Plus, so long as we think girls are not worth much, our society will not open up opportunities for their growth. After all, what’s the point? Now, you see why girls, from the beginning of time, have always being behind on the priority of education.

An old friend of  mine announced to me once that one of his friends just had a baby girl. He followed the announcement with ‘another prostitute has been added to this world’. It shames me now that I called someone who thinks so poorly of women in general my friend. Unfortunately, such poor thinking and stunted worldview is the more popular view. So ask youself, how do you think of women? And more importantly, as a woman, how do you think of yourself? Are you more important for the size of your boobs or the size of your brains? It is the part you think is more important that you work on, and that is the part that grows bigger.

So I leave you folks with this video curtesy ‘Youbetube’ (like my adorable 4-year old nephew calls it)



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