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There is this janitor at the library who hums really loud as he goes about his chores. He doesn’t sing per se, just hums. No lyrics or words, just a bunch of ooooohhh-uuuuhhhhhhhhoooooo-oooouuuuuuu. Very loud. Doing this anywhere else but the library will mostly go unnoticed. Asides the loud humming and the occasional swatting at imaginary flies around his ears, everything seems perfect with this dude. And he looks cute too. You know that short cute guy? Yea, that one. Today, while minding my own business in the library like everyone else was doing, I heard the humming from a distance getting closer and closer. Without looking up, I knew it was him and I found myself smiling and looking up. That was just the third time I was going to be seeing him but seeing that familiar face and hearing the weird, loud humming actually brightened my day. For reasons I honestly do not understand.
This guy, due to his mental state, might never be more than a janitor all his life and probably will never win laureates. In the opinion of the general. A Canadian Supreme Court  recently passed into law doctor-assisted suicide for disabled people. Any sick, disabled person that feels like ending it can legally ask to have it done. Like a simple lumpectomy. Just like that, life is over for that person. I think about this cute, strange hummer and him deciding to end it all one day. There will be no need to check his state of mind or the conditions triggering the decision. He says ‘I wanna end my life’ and the answer will be ‘Yea, sure. When?’.
Now I wonder, is euthanasia really in the best interest of everyone or just the people that are uncomfortable with the extra work of taking care of the disabled person? Is the person that is disabled complaining of the life, albeit, not quality as non-disabled people see it? That the majority think a person’s life is not worth living, does not mean the person in question thinks it isn’t. Passing into law the doctor-assisted suicide was declared ‘victory for all Canadians’ by an individual. And I wonder, is it really victory for ‘all’? A number of situations and events make people (healthy and unhealthy) wish to end their lives. This law will make it easier to succumb than to actually seek help. As someone who could have easily been a wheelchair all my life, I shudder to think someone, not just someone now; but the society,  will prefer to have me dead rather than fight for my life.

The simple truth is anyone can fall into the category of the disabled anytime. All it takes is a road traffic accident, spinal injury, high blood pressure that is not taken care of, getting into a bar fight or going to war to defend your family. So, when we discriminate against people we consider beneath us in physical appearance, abilities, race, gender or mental capacities, let’s think again. Anyone can fall into that category without warning. It will be better to ensure to create an environment that is home for everyone regardless of beauty or perceived abilities. To judge people based on what we believe they can contribute or see them as negative investments is just brutal. FYI, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were believed to have had autism, imagine if we had killed them. And Will Smith, Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Tom Cruise, Cher, George Washington, Graham Bell, Franklin Roosevelt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Keira Knightly all had disabilities. But we don’t want to kill them right, neither do we want them dead. We wanna marry them. Why then are we giving up on these people before we even give them a chance?
This hummer might be, to us, a disturbance, an aberration, a thorn in the social flesh. But to some people, he is an adorable son, a loving brother, an amazing friend and possibly a dependable father. And in another 10 years, he might prove the 4th law of motion. Just saying.

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Hi guys, thank you so much for stopping by. I got a lot of feedback on the last post about Ronke on twitter, facebook and here on the blog. Thank you sooo much and I totally agree, Ronke rocks big time. So, here we are, the part two on this lady.

Do you know that girls are the most discriminated of all groups? Now, Ronke has a project called WHO’S THAT GIRL, this project is focused on the girl child, catching them young kinda thing. You guys know how we see strong, confident, powerful women like Abike Dabiri Erewa, Funmi Iyanda, Stella Damascus, Abiola Lufadeju, Ronke Giwa, Bukola Akinwale…and we wonder how they got so powerful, confident and beautiful. Well, the truth is that this category of women make up less than 10% of the total population of women. The remaining 90% are not strong or so beautiful (both on the inside and outside) and they are not so confident. They have very little faith in themselves, poor self esteem and will most likely never take a bold step out of their comfort zone to achieve tough stuff. A lot of women are out there struggling with marital problems, businesses that are barely making profit, abusive husbands, jobs they hate etc waiting for when things will turn around for them. credit –

Now, these 90% of women were at a time girls and at some point, something went wrong making these women lose the crux of their essence. Making them forget the fact that they are special. Ronke’s project is about catching these girls early, before life happens to them, and ensuring they grow into the 10% of women we all hope to be. Ronke has had the opportunity of meeting an 11 year old girl that has been getting molested by her brother for the last 2 years! Meaning she has been getting sexually abused since she was 9 years old! Trust me, this infestation is real.
There are lots of young girls, like this girl, that are getting sexually abused by fathers, mommy’s boyfriends, step fathers and uncles. And they are unable to speak about it or seek help because we happen to be in an environment where if a girl gets raped, she is the first culprit. She must have dressed in a way that attracted that sort of attention, she must have been wayward, she must have been ‘loose’ etc.  Now, lets pretend this happened to a girl from a relatively comfortable family. Imagine what it’s like for girls that come from families that both parents and 4 siblings share a room in a ‘face-me-face-u’ sort

of dig. They are exposed to way more harassment, more dangers, more debasement.

A lot of girls are getting abused now more than ever. Let’s not think its only the un-sheltered girls. I was already in the university when I started getting physically abused by my boyfriend and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because it doesn’t reflect well on me. It’s one thing to say ‘I was physically abused by my ex’ but my story was that ‘I am getting physically abused by my boyfriend’…and I stayed in the relationship for 3 whole years. You must wonder why I stayed in right? That’s what happens with most people in abusive relationships or situations. Most people are unable to leave without help. Imagine if I had a Ronke Giwa back then, I wouldn’t have had that black eye, that almost-ruptured kidney or the scars and bruises on my body. Let’s not talk about the damage on my emotions, psyche and self confidence. Let’s pay more attention to the gists we hear around us about women that their husbands beat up. Do they leave? No. Are the women miserable? Oh yeah! A lot of them consider suicide and some get murdered during an episode of physical abuse. Same with these abused young girls. A lot of them get suicidal.

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Now our own Ronny is making this bold move to catch these girls real young. If you are getting abused or you have been impregnated and you feel you have no one to turn to, try and make it to the next Who’s That Girl program in January. Or you can get in touch with me at And if you would like to join Ronke in this fight to save our girls, please get in touch. She is looking for people who can train girls in any craft, independence is key in this fight you know. You don’t need to have millions of naira to make a difference in this generation, lending a hand is sometimes all you need. And Ronke needs everyone that is ready to lend a hand, make a move, take a step, change a life. Let’s start breeding more of those women that are strong, confident and beautiful…let’s increase that percentage.

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

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