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The Donald or The American President

I have made it a point of staying away from the hullabaloo going on in Trump’s America. After all, which one be my own. However, something in the news this morning caught my attention on the issue of President Trump’s first international trip.

“….political analysts say if the president can return home from this with even minor achievements but more importantly, no major gaffes, the White House can consider it a win.”

Since Trump’s presidency started and given the amount of excuses that have been provided to explain his behaviour, I had always feared that by the time Trump is done with America, we would have forgotten what ‘The American President’ is meant to be. Based on what was said in the  news this morning, I am beginning to think I might be right.

Having your fears confirmed isn’t a good thing. FYI.

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Now, not that I worry for present day Americans, after all, some of them put him there. But I worry for our children. Not just American children, but children all over the world. See, United States of America being a world leader is being watched critically. Yet, America is compromising on ideals regarding the highest office, the most sacred seat, and political analysts are hoping for ‘minor achievements’. Is that what he was elected to deliver? Minor achievements….


So I ask, given that history is watching, what type of America are we going to leave our children? How do we teach our children the values of not compromising or settling for less? The Founding Fathers fought for a deliberate type of America. Is this it?


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Final picture: Dr Myles Munroe, left of center in a gray jacket, poses with his wife, second left, and members of their congregation. The picture was taken two years ago

We were all shocked to hear the news of the death of Dr Myles Munroe and his wife on Monday morning. Shocked and terribly sad. But surprisingly, the way my  heart operated that day, it wasn’t one of sadness but of joy. I simply couldn’t bring myself to be sad or even muster up regrets about his passing. Now days later, people are still expressing sadness, mourning him on social media. And I got to wonder, am I wrong for not being sad about this? Am I even normal?

Don’t get me twisted, I love Dr Munroe and will I miss him, Oh yeah! But the truth of the matter is Dr Myles Munroe, his wife and all the other missionaries aboard that plane got out of this train with trophies! And I envy them to bits for that. These guys spent their lives doing the business of their father, the kept at it even when they were not getting rewarded and they loved the work till the very end. Myles Munroe devoted his life to fighting mediocrity, business failure, lack of purpose, he was constantly pushing young and old alike to fulfill their vision, live purposeful lives etc. This man didn’t just preach, he influenced. A lot of people didn’t even have a purpose to their lives until they encountered this guy, he made them find their purpose and geared them to realizing it. This guy didn’t just change people, he changed nations! He and those other missionaries left this world with guns blazing!

That is why my heart is doing a celebration of life for him and all those people. They didn’t just come to this world, they changed it. And I wish I can look back on my life when I’m 60 and say the same of me. 1407242314408At the end of the day, it does not matter when and how we leave the world but the marks we get to leave on the sands of time. It doesn’t matter how you do yours, so long as you do it. So long as we join these generals in protecting our earth, making it more beautiful and constantly putting up a fight against all the Lokis that want to destroy our planet. So long as we leave a better earth for our children to live in, a more financially stable earth, a cleaner earth, a more God-loving earth.

Leave this planet with guns blazing!