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The futility of pleasure

I think the book of Ecclesiastes is prrreeeeettty depressing, no? Really, how could a guy think having loads of money is pointless, or being surrounded by beautiful women 😱

  *Sheldon Cooper voice* “everything ends with death anyways so no point making effort over anything” If this man that practically had every pleasure this life has to offer,  declares everything pointless, I think that’s the definition of hopeless. Pretty depressing eh? 😭
  Then it hit me. The problem was too much knowledge. Okay, lemme break it down *assuming the Ghandi pose* We are not supposed to know it all or figure it all out right away. We are constitutionally designed to trust God for every day of our journey. When we try hard to fix everything, we worsen things. Some of the things we try to sort out or the problems we try to solve ain’t supposed to be our headaches. But we are so consumed with perfection that we forget how to be innocent and live to enjoy this life.

Life is a gift. Childlike innocence will enable us enjoy this earth more than experience and knowledge would. The less we know, the better. The less we know, the more we are able to trust God absolutely. ‘I am leaving you with a gift– peace of mind and heart. Not as the world giveth’ John 14:27. Trying to get on top of every situation isn’t the solution, but trusting that no matter what happens, tomorrow will be a better day. So instead of worrying about this future, why not relax and enjoy the present? That’s why it’s called ‘present’ cos it’s a gift.

Jesus is taking care of us, He knows our deepest worries and fears. And He absolutely want us to let go and let Him sort it out. I imagine God saying ‘that boss is bugging u?! Don’t worry sweetheart, my goons will take care of him’ 💪


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