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Alberta Fires

The fire started four days ago. And like we all like to believe of fires, it was going to die out soon. Unfortunately, this one has taken on a life force of its own, raging into homes and lives like a bull on rampage. It started on Sunday, crossed a river and breached a highway by Tuesday and by Wednesday, it had crossed another river. As of this morning, on the news, it has been classified a level 6 fire. From what I gathered, fires are categorized on a sclae of 0-6, so this is as bad and destructive as a wildfire can possibly get. The fires are burning so hot, water and retardant might slow it down but not much.

Image result for Alberta fires pictures

Image result for Alberta fires pictures

Heard yesterday on the news that 80% of the residents of Fort McMurray have lost their homes. People are fleeing to surrounding locales, driving through embers raining on their cars and watching their homes go up in flames in their rearview mirrors. These people have lost some of the most basic necessities of life – shelter, food, clothing. Not only that, decades of hard work have gone up in flames. I imagine that businesses, diners, laundromarts, banks, schools etc. are gone in the hardest hit locations. It is in situations like this that you realise losing your phone is not such a disaster after all.

Image result for Alberta fires pictures

Image result for Alberta fires pictures

On CTV news this morning, evacuees are being catered to in some locations and they have said they basically just need food and clothes. Donations to the Red Cross are being called for and the Government of Canada has promised to match the donations made to the Red Cross.

Image result for Alberta fires pictures

I know for us Nigerians, we might not be able to send food, paper towels or money to Alberta, but I know we can pray. So, I am encouraging everyone to send a prayer up for all those affected by this disaster. This is a level 6 fire, Alberta needs a miracle fast. This is not a nationality issue, it’s a humanity issue.



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