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Peace is a verb

I saw this and a light-bulb kinda went off in my head, like ding-ding-ding-guilty! Maayyyybbbe I don’t over-analyze with boys (don’t verify that fact) but oh, I do over-analyze everything in between. I have over-analyzed 2016 already and worried myself to death over it. Recently, I had to make a one-day to and fro trip so I had to catch an early morning flight. Over the days leading to the day of the trip, I constantly stressed out about making it to the airport in time, what if I wake up later than 3am (my mom says my sleeping method is a talent…I will Mayweather Jonah in a competition without breaking a sweat), what if I didn’t wake up late but the cab driver didn’t show up? What if the cab broke down on the way? What if something that looks like coke suddenly materializes in my carry-on (like what the shiznit???!), what if the plane refused to take off (oh, for real?!). I can go on…

For all my stressing out about stuff, what will be will be. And what usually ‘be‘ is that everything always go really well. And for the ones that do not, stressing out over them doesn’t make them better. My very smart big sister often warns me about this attitude, particularly about always depriving myself of fun and good stuff, saving up for ‘rainy days’, only for some other people to swap the money for their rainy days. I often privately have a good laugh at myself over that.

November is here, 2015 is on its way out. This year hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. And thinking about that, I am reminded of this:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” John 14:27 (NIV)

In the words of Lara George, how can we forget that He is Shalom??? Peace is an action word, over-analyzing the future or the past even, is not gonna change either situations, leave it and move on.



So, this is a girl that wakes up every morning wondering 'How can I make my lil corner of the universe a bit more beautiful?' And I believe that is by spreading a little bit of kindness everyday. I love God to bits majorly because He loved me first. Drama has a way of finding me...or I find it...I'm not sure anymore these days. Mostly, even I don't know much about me, I'm still on that path of self-discovery but one thing I have found out so far is that no matter how many dragons breathe fire her way, this Rockstar is totally slaying them. Family is first, no contest! You have an idea on how to spread some kindness or something you want us to talk about, hit me nicely at And thanks for stopping by!

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