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Racism or not

Seeing that video of the cop that went ballistic over teenagers at some pool party is just saddening, that even in the 21st century, racism is still very in-your-face. I read the comments of black people expressing their pain and disgust with the whole thing and the comments of white people defending themselves that not all whites are racist. In my own opinion, I agree with them both. One of my Nigerian friends went to the supermarket the other day to get points on her card worth $80. She previously bought an item worth close to $300 and she was supposed to earn points but didn’t have her points card with her the day she made the purchase. She was told she could bring her card within a week to get the points on but by the time she went back, the white lady (store manager) that attended to her won’t load the points, saying she came a day too late as she was supposed to come in 6 days besides it will take too long for her to finish loading all the points (in this age where computer has made life easy for everyone). Her Hawaiian friend came up to find out what was causing the delay to find the white manager and black student in the middle of the discussion, with the manager saying the black girl lied about the day she came to make the purchase plus it’s going to take too long to load the points and she should come back another day (like what difference will another day make right..). The two girls left, very upset, to join their Caucasian friend who also wasn’t happy to hear what happened but mentioned that she was sure if she went in, all white skin and no accent, the manager would have loaded those points. Now, the other non-white ladies were not the ones that made that conclusion, it was the white lady, ergo she also knows it’s a racist thing. For these two girls, it will be hard for anyone to convince them that not all Caucasians are racist..they see it and they experience it.

This is not to bash any race or judge anyone cos my thought is, if the black girl wanted the points,she should have just taken her card there when she made her purchases. Simples. (Ignore the fact that she earned those points and the one day or one week shouldn’t make such a big difference). And I’m not defending the manager. Now, let me explain myself. I keep seeing all these videos of cops pushing pregnant women, teenage girls, harmless and un-armed people to the ground and twisting their wrists just because they did not ‘obey’ their instruction. This is an environment where you are not allowed to spank children, an environment where animal cruelty is a punishable offense, where you are not allowed to threaten a minor much less physically assault them, yet these men, in the name of uniform, mete out whatever jungle justice they deem fit on anyone they chose deserves it. This is my call to the people of color, they think you are ugly and not worth respect and consideration, THEN PROVE THEM WRONG! Stop disobeying the laws, walk smarter, pull up your pants, speak better English and stop slurring your speech, dress smart, smell great, get decent hair styles. Do not drive without your license, make sure your car has insurance, don’t just do your job well, do it better than you are paid to do, don’t be the one that shirks responsibilities and most importantly in my own opinion, let’s train our children to not mouth off to anyone older than them! We think it’s cute, even funny, when pre-teens talk back at their parents and grand-parents. It’s not! Where I come from, you mouth off to your mother, you get your mouth whacked by her so that the same mouth doesn’t get whacked by another adult who won’t tolerate the nonsense. Let’s prove, again and again, that black is beautiful, that black is awesome, that black is respectful, that black is loving, that black is rich. Let’s make it very difficult for anyone, cop or otherwise to find a fault with us such that when they victimize any black person, it will be obvious that it is a case of basic racism. As a person of color, don’t give anyone any reason to shake their heads and think (or say), ‘these black people sef’.

At the end of the day, I don’t think it is a case of being either black or white. I think some people are simply mean at heart and it doesn’t matter what color their skin is. Not all Caucasians are racist, that’s why white marry/date blacks all the time. Not all black people think white people are racist, some have just been so victimized by Caucasians that they do not care to make the distinction anymore. More importantly, don’t let the meanness of some people take away your glee, we will always meet people that will hurt us, take away from us, treat us bad. But don’t let that take away the beauty on your inside, being mean right back doesn’t fix the problem. The $80 that girl isn’t gonna get by forfeiting those points is not gonna change her life, doesn’t mean she is gonna go broke, doesn’t mean she’s gonna starve neither does it mean her sun will stop shinning. The teenager that got pushed to the ground by a power-drunk cop will be fine in a few days, she will probably gain 1 million twitter followers just for that incident. Retaliating only puts us all in the same category. Plus that’s how civil wars start.

PS: The next time I spank my child in public for acting up, let me see the person that will come get me for child abuse.

PSS: Don’t be deceived that whites don’t think black is beautiful, if they did they wouldn’t think tanning is such a great idea.

PSSS: Don’t let anyone make you feel less than you deserve, Jesus died for you too.

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2 thoughts on “Racism or not

  1. This post is so apt. Last year while vacationing abroad i tried to buy jewelry from a store and i was told i had to pay cash. While trying to understand the requirement for cash, a white lady walked up to the till beside mine and paid for her purchased items with her card. I couldn’t help but point this out to the cashier who muttered that they couldn’t accept my card because a black woman had tried to use a stolen credit card the week before. I walked out of the store without buying the items i had painstakingly picked and felt so sad i had to go back to my hotel. There is a dire need to repair the “black” image but also important is the need for whites not to take classify all black people as bad because one some people’s acts.

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