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Wedding would-rather-haves

When it comes to planning weddings, a lot of seemingly minor but important details get swept aside for things like food, party favours, aso-ebi etc. There are some things that cannot be done-over, weddings are one of them. Even for most people getting married again, it is often not as grand or hyped as the first one. So usually you will want to get it right the first time. For most weddings, there is a lot of emphasis on decoration of the reception (which one concern you concern the dress the chair must wear???), bouquet, the height and width of the wedding cake (some cakes don’t finish until the 5th wedding anniversary), the groom’s bow tie etc. I know that wedding gowns get lots of attention, yet I wonder why lots of brides end up looking like ‘Moladun-kenke, something is just often off about the gown, either the bustier is too tight or too loose or the dress length is off. Or you look at wedding photos and find yourself in some shots scowling or baring teeth and fangs at your groom or mother, and wishing you were not a bride-hulk on the said day…

I remember being at a friend’s wedding. As one of the closest friends, I was with her right from her dad’s house in the morning to the wedding reception. This wedding was one of the grandest ever, the bride had about seven days of beauty treatment, eating special meals to bring out her beauty, the wedding clothes were all imported, the venue was top of the range, you know, the works. The glitch in the beautifully planned day was that the reception venue was not completely decorated in time, hence the wedding didn’t start in time and as the seconds ticked by, the ravishing Miss Bride became increasingly agitated and unhappy. When it was finally time to go, cameras were ready, posh car was waiting and running, this smashing bride stepped out with a frown complete with an unhappy pout. I took a look at her and glanced at the camera guys going on with their jobs. I remember thinking hey, this is going to be on record for life. I stopped her and reminded her that she’s on camera from here on,she’s got to put her annoyance aside and plaster a very happy smile on her face. All the expenses will be for nothing if she came off looking like runaway bride. And I think she immediately understood cos, what do you know, out came the sun!

Do you ever feel like wishing you did certain things differently for your wedding? Or you are planning your wedding and worried about missing certain important minor details? I put together a list of little things we often dismiss in favour of party things, following the aso-ebi band wagon to show off instead of actually stopping to think of yourself and your partner, what you really want to remember your wedding day for. In my own little opinion, here goes.

  1. The bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses: One of the things that scream ‘class and taste’ at any wedding is seeing the bride walk down the aisle in that gorgeous dress that will remind the groom why he chose that woman. Don’t buy dresses based simply on dress size, make sure you specify to your designer your height, waist size, bust size etc. It’s your dress, it’s your wedding and it’s your cash. Same goes for the bridesmaids’ dresses. If the bride’s dress is on point and the bridesmaids’ ain’t, it ruins the look of the wedding dress. These are the two that really have to mesh, not the wedding gown and the groom’s outfit as most think.

2. Wedding garters: I am mentioning this specifically because they are quite intimate, something to anticipate removing by the end of the special day, that secret just known to you and your partner. The beauty is the fact that it’s so traditional. And of course it represents something new and something blue *wink*

Lovely Satin With Bowknot Wedding Garters (104019470)

3. The glass toasting flutes: I daresay that first drink that is so symbolic at weddings should be extra special, not some hurriedly poured drink in a glass cup. Have some toasting flutes customized for you and your partner. It will be a special reminder of not just the wedding day but of the promises made that day. For added punch, get a special reserved label to go with those flutes, something for just you two.

Personalized Heart design Glass/Aluminum Toasting Flutes (Set of 2) (126039784)Personalized Heart design Zinc Alloy/Glass Toasting Flutes (Set of 2) (118031389)

4. Party favours: Folks, I beg you by the mercies of the Holy One, stop with the wedding jotters! And the pens, the dustpan, plastic fans etc, stop, stop, stop! You want to have classy party favours that your guests will continue to enjoy the pleasure of yeeeaaaaarrrrs after your wedding. Party favours is the couple’s way of thanking their guests, yeah, but I don’t think I want anybody thanking me for spending 15k on aso-ebi, 5k on bridal shower and 7k on trip, by giving me white handkerchief and one yellow dustpan *rolling eyes* If that’s the case, don’t bother thanking me, consider my efforts a friendly gesture.

Treasure Chest Favor Boxes With Ribbons (Set of 12) Solid-Color Stainless Steel Electronic Lighter

5.  Wedding memory book: Memory books are like diaries for your wedding. Have guests sign them as they arrive, if they can come all the way for the ceremony, they should be able to make out time to stop at the entrance to pen in their names and best wishes. This will give some people the opportunity to say all sorts of amazing things about you (…let’s hope) and best of all, you can always bring that book out on your 25th wedding anniversary and reminisce. FYI, you might also want to write in some memorable events of the day.

Bride and Groom Design Rhinestones Guestbook (101049657)6. And lastly, the location: The location of your wedding is as important as your honeymoon. A crappy location can reduce all your efforts to nothing. Outdoor weddings are beautiful especially in the evenings or at night with the starts shinning down and the cool breeze…*sighs*. That is if your wedding isn’t in July/August or December/January.

romantic beach wedding lighting

Most people say it is the marriage that counts and I totally agree. But that is not to say you are not entitled to having wedding memories that will last you a lifetime. It’s really not about the size of your wedding party. If there is something you wished you had done with your wedding please do share with us. Thanks for sticking with this to the end.

All pictures are from, an amazing website for wedding clothing and accessories.



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  1. Are you serious about there being special food to bring out the beauty in one? Kai i didnt know that, should have eaten it for 6 months before i got married. I really wish i could have a 2nd ceremony… sigh i love weddings by the way

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      1. Pls list the food items. Let me start. For d next six months I will go into pre-wed-after-wed mode😂😂😂😂


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