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Bucket list #5: Online dating

You wonder why that is the first thing on my list I decided to knock off right? Well, worefa.

Like I mention in a previous post, most of the things on my bucket list are things I am completely scared of or things I totally will not be caught dead doing. FYI online dating is one of those things I strongly think is extremely risky and only for desperate people. Imagine my surprise when I went online and found really hot, young people on dating sites. Not just hot, young people (male and female) but people who are also quite successful (except they are fibbing about their financial status sha o). So, lesson number one, it appears that online dating is the new way of dating *still very confused on that*. You know the way online communication is the way to communicate now, like you are out with four or five of your friends and y’all palming your phones and clicking away, having little or no conversation with each other… Anyways, I back to the subject.

So I perused online, basking in my new found knowledge and wondering to myself if this is why I’ve been jonesing. Have I been deluded into expecting to just meet a guy, have him walk up to me, introduce himself or whatever, make me fall in love with him, have enough children to start our own football team and live happily ever after….? Oh well…so I went on and created a profile on one I thought is safe enough. Then the first big shocker. I have to pay almost 40k ($240 thereabouts) to access full features! THAT WHAT HAPPENED! AM I PLUCKING MONEY OFF TREES! In the words Yemi Alade, See me see wahala! Mbanu, not possible at all, at all. Abeg, with all these numerous dating sites? Off I departed to another online world of hot, single, available men. And the same thing happened. Wait, do they really expect us to pay this much to meet people online? In another news, are all these hot, young people paying that much to meet people, to date people??? I was perplexed then and I am still perplexed now.

Aaannnyyyways, I sha finally got around one. And as the babe is hot naw **wink wink**, before long I had a string of willing participants. So, I looked into the faces and pegged one I think should be as calm and gentle as Mary’s lamb and connected with him. I don hammer! *dancing Brenda Fassie* Okay then, let’s do this. He sent his phone number and we started chatting.

Me: Hello

Him: Hi

Him: Can you send me a pic?

Me: I’d like to get to know you first. What’s your name?

Him: *Says his name*

Him: I don’t feel comfortable talking with someone I don’t recognise…you might be a crazy person.

No, he didn’t! *Rolling up sleeves ready to go all Cookie Lyon up his face*. But then stopped and told myself, chill, you don’t want to prove to him that you are indeed a crazy person so calm down. Give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he is one of those gentlemen that put up I’m-a-jerk exterior. So I decided to let that slide and swallowed it after all, trouble was sitting down jejely minding his own business, na me go find trouble.

Image result for cookie lyon gif

Me: Lol, I am indeed a crazy person *smiley emoticon*

Me: Until you meet me, you really can’t say you know me right?

Him: Until I see a pic, I really can’t say if I want to continue texting.

Me: That is understandable, take care of you.

….He must really believe I have 3 cats and my life is empty…hahahahaha, evoool laughter.

A little over 24 hours later…

Him: Hi…I just realised there is no need for you to send me a picture.

Him: I’m just so used to women playing games and not being sincere, my apologies. I will be the first to admit that I’m not perfect.

Me: ……

Maybe I’ll respond tomorrow sha but as of now, noppppe. What manner of man judges people by their picture? There are a bunch of scenarios here. 1: What if I sent a picture of me when I was 18? 2: What if I look like an angel but have winch that is flying skyscraper? Really, the fact that anyone, man or woman will be willing to base choices on looks just indicates that there is no depth to these things. In choosing a partner, for life or for present, I don’t think choosing solely based on appearance will get anyone far. If it’s about looks, no one in Hollywood should be getting divorced na. So no, no and no. I like to surround myself with people who are deep. More importantly, no lady should have to put up with crap just to get a date. Online or offline, every lady should be treated like one and as a girl, do not settle for less. Be so busy achieving stuff and doing things that make you happy that no man will be the source of your joy unless he has earned that position. FYI, most men know that the women in their lives are their lifelines, their support and without these women, they wouldn’t get far. And that is because that’s how God wired us when He created us. We are indispensable like that. So, just because it is taking a while to get a date isn’t to say you are not worth the respect, courtesy, pampering etc that comes with wooing a woman. If the dude is not ready to woo you properly, there is no point. Don’t sacrifice your happiness just to have someone in your life.

Anyways, that ended my online dating spree. Now I have gone and experienced it. In fairness, this is not to say that online dating is not good, in fact, from my experience, it appears like it is the way to go if you really want to get into dating. For me though, I’m going back to my offline dating. I am following that part of me that remembers my momma saying ‘Don’t talk to strangers’. Now I’m moving on to the next thing on this bucket list. Thanks for reading my ramblings to the very end, you totally rock!

Happy mother’s day!

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8 thoughts on “Bucket list #5: Online dating

  1. Hehehehehehehe, does registering for online dating count as doing it?( I’m gonna say yes) I was stunned too when I saw the fee, I just respected myself and was satisfied with getting emails that “somebody winked at me” hehehe
    I also registered for a free one, I deactivated it when I saw my lecturer on there *cringe*

    Don’t talk to strangers! Online people be craycray πŸ˜€


    1. Lolol! You actually got me laughing out loud. And thanks for saying ‘yes’ to doing it, I think that is sufficient.
      So glad u stopped by, still grinning from your comment


  2. You courageous girl! I’ll never knock online dating though because the 3best friend in my life right now, i met online so yea, i’ll never say never. As for Niggur man, yea, he’s shallow. If it were all about the physical, amber rose would still be married

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  3. Its one of the ways of online dating…… show me your picture before we can continue yacking. Guess you didn’t know that (tongue out)


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