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This is me attempting to get informative and all. And this requires me going into my ‘deep’ mode. So here goes *assuming the Ghandi pose*

1. Researchers found out that men who help out around the house get 50% more sex than those who do not.

2. Sex can be earth-shattering, mind-blowing, don’t-want-it-to-end (etc) and it can also be bleh. In the category of a kiss tasting like sawdust.

3. You can’t get a man with sex no matter what romance novels tell you.

4. Sex outside marriage takes away from you. It’s quite simple.

5. For most men, sex is sex, not love. For most women, sex and love…eeerrrrmmmm, kinda the same thing.

6. Seven Viagra tabs are sold every second, studies show. Heads up for men who think they have all the time in the world *grimace*

7. Gymnophoria is the sensation that someone is mentally undressing you.

8. Women are the biggest fakers. Studies suggest, not me biko. And that’s not always a bad thing *wink*

9. Sex triggers brain chemicals that can improve creativity at work. So get it on the night before you have that promotion-worthy presentation.

10. Athletic women have better sexual performance. Hit the gym ladies.

11. An overwhelming majority of sexual partners have sparse knowledge of what truly turns each other on.

12. You can’t keep a man with sex.

13. People who smell good are automatically perceived as being more sexually attractive.

14. A man can reduce his chances of having prostate cancer by having at least 4 orgasms a week. Take care of your man.

15. God totally supports sex. When it’s within the confines of marriage. It isn’t just for procreation.



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