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Had this conversation three days ago with a friend of mine who resides in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno…

Me: How are things, really, over there?

Friend: Well….it’s really crazy here

Me: I can imagine

Friend: Just that the capital, Maid, is a little better than the neighboring local governments as Boko Haram guys are in control of most of those places.

Me: So you guys at Maid don’t have to deal with blasts?

Friend: Bombings have stopped here for quite a while. Just that there was a blast here on Tuesday at the main market and an attempt was foiled just yesterday at a very busy commercial area. But it’s been peaceful in the cities, the villages are having it really tough.

And then, breaking news this morning.

Military Quells Boko Haram Onslaught on Damaturu

311014F-Nigerian-Army-Fight.jpg - 311014F-Nigerian-Army-Fight.jpg

The military appears to have taken control of the situation in Damaturu, the Yobe state capital, which was massively attacked by the  Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, early Monday.

A security source told our correspondent that the insurgents numbering over 100 had attacked the town from Gujba road, which indicated that they came from Gujba town which they have had control over for some months now.

He said they attacked the town as early as 4am, trying to take control of the security facilities in the town.

According to him, they attacked the Police Mobile Unit where they exchanged gunfire with the police on duty and were able to push them back.

He said: “The military jet has to be deployed to push the insurgents back as the situation is now under control and the entire town has been cordoned off.”

He stated: “The casualties cannot be counted now but it is massive, the insurgents were overwhelmed and they suffered a lot of deaths but few police officers and civilians were also killed in the crossfire.”

A resident, Ibrahim Abdul, who spoke on phone, said: “We were woken up by sounds of gunshots and explosions and up till now (8:30am) we cannot leave our homes as we are still hearing gunshots though less deafening than about two hours ago.”

“Everyone is indoors and our children are all at home with us as no one dares go out,”

Source: This Day Live.

Damaturu is 135 km West of Maiduguri,  Borno State capital.

So, methinks, while we in the areas not affected by this violence fold our arms and do nothing just because we are not the ones with ears ringing, lying on the floors in our homes, trying to protect our children. While we look on and just talk, blaming the government, the AU, the UN…for not helping us. While we seemingly think we are unaffected by the activities of Boko Haram, just because we reside in the cities, we better sit up. It’s in the cities now.

Even if we can’t raise billions of dollars for security and we can’t carry guns ourselves or drive armored tanks, we can send relief materials to those affected. We can help evacuate people and re-settle them but best of all, we can pray. And pray really hard. God told Moses, that He has seen the affliction of His people and He has heard their cries. Maybe God is seeing the affliction, deaths, suffering, poverty and degradation going on in the northern parts of this country but He has not heard our cries yet. If every girl, man, boy, woman cries out, maybe we will get the help this country needs.

But if the good people continue to just talk and blame, we will be handing the trophy over to the bad guys.



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