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Dandy at thirty

Two days ago, I stumbled on an old diary of mine that was a gift for my 21st birthday. Back then, I was a hopeful girl with a truckload of dreams. Going through the entries, I realized how so different dreams are from the reality life hits you with. In one of my entries I wrote that I believe you can make a relationship work if you put your heart and soul into making it work even if the other person doesn’t try at all. Of course, we all know that that’s a huge lie.

So, ten years down the line, most of those dreams are still…well, dreams. And I have been increasingly getting very restless about not achieving stuff especially when it seems like no one around me is sharing that fate…and the hope is gradually dwindling. So, I decided to find out if this happened to folks who eventually made it especially people I admire. And I was shocked at what I found out.

Would you believe Harrison Ford didn’t get his break until he was 35 years old when he stared in Star wars? I have always loved Samuel L. Jackson for like forever especially after seeing Deep Blue Sea and for some reason I assumed he had always been famous. Imagine my surprise on finding out he didn’t get international acclaim until he was 45 years old. 45 whole years! Melissa McCarthy is often on E! these days and she didn’t get  recognition until she was 41 years old. Martha Stewart started the career she’s known for in her 30s, Kate Walsh (Oh, how I love her!) got the role of Dr Addison Montgomery at 36, Vera Wang (…I might get lucky and she’ll design my gown *wishful thinking*) started designing wedding gowns at 40 and J.K Rowling was 32 years old when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published! Let’s not forget Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jnr., Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross.

This got me relaxing a teeny-eeny bit. There’s still hope, no need losing the faith. The trick is once the faith is lost, you will stop believing. And once you stop believing, you won’t try anymore. And we all just need to try. These guys tried again. And again. Till it worked out for them. We are so used to seeing people make it in their twenties, get married in their twenties, settle into their lives in their twenties that once the big 3-0 comes knocking and we haven’t achieved these milestones, apprehension walks in with it. And then the fear that you have to settle for what life has dished out.

We don’t have to settle for what life or circumstances has offered, so long as there is life and time, try again. And again. There’s nothing like ‘it’s too late for me’.

And never stop believing.



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6 thoughts on “Dandy at thirty

  1. To imagine Samuel L Jackson was d thief in coming to America…God is timeless so we just gats to hold on to allll those promises cos they don’t respect time but they respect seasons sha o…story for another day


    1. You are definitely right. God is never too early and never too late, He is always just in time. Even if it doesn’t seem that way to us most times. We just gotta trust He’s got our backs.
      Thanks Opsy!


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