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And I find myself drifting further away from the super-poetic, romantic, suave Solomon…I tried really hard to stay on track, I really did. But hey, here we go.

I got to reading about the laws concerning vows in the Old Testament. I know we really don’t read much of the Old Testament, after all most of the principles don’t apply anymore in these times. Really, my neighbor has no goat or grain. And we don’t put to death that married chick that was caught going at it with her bobo’s colleague. Right?

So back to the issue of vows. It was plainly stated in the entire chapter that if a woman makes a vow, promise, covenant or whatever and her father hears of it and decides the vow does not make sense, as her dad he has the right to annul it. And it will stay annulled in the sight of God. That’s super cool right?? Now I can make crazy promises that I know I can’t make good and just get my dad to cancel them for me when it’s time to pay up.

Now, isn’t that just bananas!

Okay, the amazing part about this is that when the babe gets married, her husband assumes this authority. If the babe makes a vow to God for example, and her husband hears of it and annuls it, that’s final. Meaning the dude (bless his heart!) gets the sole rights to make decisions of such magnitude on the girl. And the best part….it’s stamped by God Himself! By the way, we are talking about Leviticus 30.

It got me realizing that even though we are in the age where the dude and the babe make equal (or almost equal) financial, mental, social contributions in the home, the truth of the matter is the guy is, at the end of the day, the head…the rockstar…the rule-maker…the game-changer. So when we girls argue with our men, claiming rights and stuff around the home and he is still putting his foot down, maybe we should take a step back and re-assess.

It goes beyond annulling vows and promises. It involves making choices. It’s about taking a job the dude does not agree with, buying a property the guy isn’t ok with, going against his wishes especially when it’s not about him being selfish. I think it is safer to get the dude to agree with us than blatantly going against his will. And I don’t think that should be too hard, queen of his heart tins. It doesn’t make us stupid when we defer to our men, it makes us wise. And the wise woman just doesn’t build her home, she keeps it too.

Don’t worry chicas, my next point of call is to look into the power we girls have on the men in our lives. We gotta have something too, no?



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