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1:9 You are as exciting my darling, as a mare among Pharaoh’s stallions…
Formally, filly refers to a female horse under the age of four but informally, filly refers to a lively, high-spirited girl or young woman.
You know how we get complacent with our friendships and relationships after few months or years of being with that person. We don’t bother trying to keep things fresh and exciting, no surprises waiting after an ordinary day, no need to go out of your way to do something to make that person happy just for no reason. After all, you have ‘seen each other finish’ and there is no need to impress each other anymore. Or there’s just nothing in it for you so why bother.
Who doesn’t want an exciting life, right? You look back on your life of 60 years and smile on all the amazing things you did and all the fun you had, all the mischief you got up to… But we all know no one can have amazing fun all by themselves. That’s why we surround ourselves with friends we have fun with and when these friends get boring, we sorta reduce the amount of time we spend with them, look for new, exciting ones. I think everyone suffers boredom every now and then. Imagine if that person you spend your every waking moment with suddenly becomes boring! (…screeching to a halt!). You know how we are willing to spend extra cash just to get certain friends around us just because these people enhance our lives, make time seem more meaningful, give us laughter-filled memories. No wonder King Solomon was taken by this woman who was able to constantly fill his life with excitement.
Do you fill the lives of the people around you with good memories? Do your friends miss you when you are not around? Are you that friend that always goes the extra mile to make the lives of the people around them a wee bit more memorable? Excitement goes beyond giving fun and good times. I think this woman in our text was not just the woman who was funny or stylish, she filled the life of the king in every way. She brought beauty out of every situation, stood fast through the storms, was constantly there to catch him when he fell, and when everyone shouted ‘crucify him’ she probably hung on to him through the crucifixion. People will most likely forget the jokes you shared but they will never forget that time you made a difference in their lives, you will not be remembered for what you said but for what you did. And you might not even remember. Which is why, that moment you have the opportunity to go the extra mile for that person, send some cash, make that phone call, say a prayer for that friend, help that evangelist…do not postpone.
Be that filly among stallions.
“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won’’ Gandhi.



So, this is a girl that wakes up every morning wondering 'How can I make my lil corner of the universe a bit more beautiful?' And I believe that is by spreading a little bit of kindness everyday. I love God to bits majorly because He loved me first. Drama has a way of finding me...or I find it...I'm not sure anymore these days. Mostly, even I don't know much about me, I'm still on that path of self-discovery but one thing I have found out so far is that no matter how many dragons breathe fire her way, this Rockstar is totally slaying them. Family is first, no contest! You have an idea on how to spread some kindness or something you want us to talk about, hit me nicely at And thanks for stopping by!


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