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The vintage you

1:5 I am dark but beautiful….1:6 Don’t stare at me because I am dark. The sun has darkened my skin, my brothers were angry with me, they made me work their vineyards so I couldn’t care for myself.

Over time, humans have been in this age long competition to conform to the popular. We are constantly trying to change to be more acceptable by parents, friends, colleagues, boyfriends, girlfriends. And we have been subtly encouraging the younger generation to follow suit especially in the media.

A lady asked on radio yesterday what the most difficult thing to find is and a lot of people responded by mentioning happiness, honesty, love, peace etcetera. I think the hardest thing to find is oneself. But then again, is that what’s hard to find or the actual acceptance of self? Until Beyonce and Kim K came along, if you are not skinny, you are not beautiful and thus not acceptable. Until folks like Big Daddy Kane and Tupac came along, rappers always had feature in a song to get heard. Now thanks to these guys, rappers can stand alone without hanging around to be accepted by a singer.

Here in our text of the day, the girls admits to being black even though being black is supposed to be ugly. She did not try to change or deny it, rather she embraced it. She has been scarred by her experiences, yet she embraced her scars. And despite her seeming ugliness, she was loved by a great man. Why try to blend in when you were created to stand out? Celebrate your difference, your weirdness, your idiosyncrasies and above all, celebrate your scars. They are proof that you fought and won. You look for someone better than your ex believing that that shows that you are doing great. But does that solve your problem? And maybe it’s okay to not do great all the time.

After reading this verse in Songs of Solomon, I made a decision to take a stand and start loving my imperfections. I have lots of scars, both on my body and on my heart. And that’s just great because it proves that I survived. I am going to enjoy being different, not having what the popular girls have and I am going to be grateful for this chance to discover me. Let’s do this folks, embrace you scars, you just might start a trend. A toast to the VINTAGE YOU.



So, this is a girl that wakes up every morning wondering 'How can I make my lil corner of the universe a bit more beautiful?' And I believe that is by spreading a little bit of kindness everyday. I love God to bits majorly because He loved me first. Drama has a way of finding me...or I find it...I'm not sure anymore these days. Mostly, even I don't know much about me, I'm still on that path of self-discovery but one thing I have found out so far is that no matter how many dragons breathe fire her way, this Rockstar is totally slaying them. Family is first, no contest! You have an idea on how to spread some kindness or something you want us to talk about, hit me nicely at And thanks for stopping by!

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